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The ever increasing challenges of incorporating a company, operating it, reporting on it and trying to run it at the same time has meant clients are faced with administrative burdens unlike before and can no longer just focus on making their company a commercial success.

Mezzle provides a comprehensive network and eco-system of legal and corporate services to ensure clients can meet all those additional requirements without compromising the time they are putting into their business to grow it, because Mezzle is handling what the client does not need to. This helps bring back the focus on what really matters, which is the commercial success of the business.

With Mezzle’s in-depth knowledge of the local and regional markets our team can guide clients on the best place to set up a structure, how to ensure their assets and investments are fully protected when doing a joint structure, joint investment etc. Mezzle then also goes the extra mile by ensuring clients have access to all Mezzle’s connections so our clients can focus on making their business a commercial success.

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The types of services Mezzle offers:

  • Incorporating Companies, including advice on where to set up to meet their requirements
  • Compliance Requirements, whether initial or ongoing
  • Creating a suite of legal documents like shareholders agreement, articles, resolutions etc.
  • Reporting and making changes to ownership and management
  • Exiting a company

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If you are interested in speaking with one of the Mezzle Team, please feel free to get in touch with us at info@mezzlelaw.com.

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