Family Office (UAE only)

Family offices are one of the fastest-growing asset protection, investment and succession planning vehicles in the world. High net worth families are seeing the value of having a centralized function to manage their wealth, business assets and plan for their legacy.

The concept of a family office works by centralizing the family’s businesses and business assets under one umbrella, which in turn, assists the family in managing wealth and other ancillary functions attaching to this. A bespoke solution is applied, and therewith also avoids the unwelcomed nightmare of improper succession planning in the case of death.

Mezzle seeks to assist you with managing your family office, by corporatizing your ownership structure, setting up a centralized system and managing this system from a legal perspective for you.

Often family structures will have a broad range of business interests, with management responsibilities and ownership entitlement spread across multiple family members, which can make them complex. You may also face challenges with incoming new family members and how to onboard them into the family and the existing corporate structure. Mezzle helps simplify this for you and offers a holistic approach, providing sufficient flexibility when managing personal and family wealth.

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Our Mezzle Middle East Team can help with:

  • Managing the structuring of your family office
  • Setting up of corporate vehicles such as SPVs, foundations and trusts
  • Drafting agreements such as shareholder agreements, bespoke articles, charters etc
  • Providing training and guidance on how to manage a family office business
  • Transferring assets and ownership, or making other changes within the family business
  • Managing, migrating and otherwise dealing with international assets

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