About Us

There are traditional Law Firms and then there is Mezzle.

We are a progressive and innovative law firm that is different. We are challenging the traditional approach to law by collaborating with our clients and lawyers to deliver high quality service, no matter how big or small the matter may be.

At Mezzle we understand the needs of our clients – they want more than just legal advice, they need solutions. Our team of experienced lawyers strive to create value for our clients everyday through strategic support, proactive counsel and cutting-edge technology. With all of these tools, our lawyers are able to creatively solve the issues and problems our clients face and meet their legal needs.

Before the idea about Mezzle came to fruition, the founders carried out years of research to better understand the changing market and how the legal landscape might be better suited for the future. The founders were only too aware that other firms have attempted to break away from tradition by creating hybrids and that others will follow in years to come – but we took the time to speak with industry leaders, CEO’s, FTSE 100 FD’s, and department heads to understand the core requirements of a changing world. What transpired led us to formulate and create, Law Firm 3.0.

What Mezzle is NOT.

It was the notion of delivering best in class legal services without diluting experience and fees, which led us to the idea of creating this direct access international law. Mezzle is a customer centric, technology focused, legal consultancy, servicing clients from all around the world. By introducing this lean business model, overheads are kept low, which means we can pass those cost savings onto clients, because you are not paying for “flashy offices” and support staff. Traditional systems are based on equity partners making as much money as they can, which means that typically, the lawyer working on your matter, will only receive 20-30% of the final bill (if that), That also means that you will only see the partner in your initial meeting. After that, the work gets passed down, which means, you are paying the same fees as you would for one of our experienced lawyers, for an associate doing your work. This also means that the work is likely to take longer, and you are paying for such individual to learn.

How Mezzle is DIFFERENT.

With Mezzle, you have direct contact with the lawyer who you have initially engaged, work is completed in a more efficient manner and you are paying for the lawyer’s experience as opposed to paying to train a junior lawyer at a traditional firm. Our legal consultant will in turn, learn about your business for which you should consider the following… Our legal consultants have trained and qualified from international law firms. They also have legal/commercial and operational backgrounds, extensive private practice, in-house and corporate experience, all of which makes them strong business partners, who understand both your commercial and legal needs.

Our Culture

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