Worldwide Arbitration & Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Are you involved in a domestic or international dispute, and you are looking for a swift and cost-effective solution?

According to the Queen Mary University of London – White & Case Report 2021 on Arbitration, “International arbitration is the preferred method of resolving cross-border disputes for 90% of respondents, either on a stand-alone basis (31%) or in conjunction with ADR (59%)”1.

Mezzle can help you! At Mezzle, we have created the Worldwide Arbitration and ADR Department to meet this need. Through our lawyers and arbitrators (who are enlisted in the most famous arbitral institutions in the world and are renowned in the academic and scientific world), we can assist you in a lot of jurisdictions across the globe.
We can provide you with a detailed assessment of your case and suggest the most suitable ADR procedure to achieve your goals.

1 QMUL Arbitration Report 2021, p. 2

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Our Worldwide Arbitration and ADR Team can help you by providing the following services2;

  • Acting as Chair of the Arbitral Tribunal, Sole Arbitrator or Party-appointed Arbitrator, in institutional or ad hoc arbitral proceedings
  • Acting as Counsel in Arbitration
  • Setting aside awards (domestic and international)
  • Recognition and enforcement of awards (domestic and international)
  • Providing legal advice to clients on arbitration-related matters
  • Providing legal advice to other lawyers or professionals on arbitration-related matters
  • Lectures and training on Arbitration Law
  • Acting as a Mediator (where permitted under the relevant law)
  • Acting as Counsel in Mediation and any other ADR procedure
  • Providing legal advice and assistance on Mediation, Conciliation and Adjudication
  • Providing legal advice and assistance on Early Neutral Evaluation, Executive Tribunals, DABs, and any other ADR method
  • Avoidance Disputes
  • Acting as Expert Witness in Arbitration Law (worldwide), and Domestic Law (selected jurisdictions)
  • Selecting a suitable Third-Party Funder to fund your case in arbitration and litigation (for large amounts in dispute only)
  • Drafting or reviewing a suitable Dispute Resolution clause in any kind of Contract or Agreement

If you want to know more about our services or if you have questions regarding Arbitration and ADR, please email: [email protected]

2 WARNING: Please note that – in some jurisdictions – the assistance of a local lawyer can be mandatory under the relevant law

Transparent Pricing


  • Our fees

    It is impossible to estimate costs and legal fees before the assessment of the case because every case has its own path, needs and hurdles.

    After a first assessment of the case, we can propose a fixed fee (linked to the amount in dispute and the complexity of the case) or an hourly rate-based fee (depending on the seniority of each lawyer involved), and the choice is up to you.

    If you want a generic and preliminary assessment of your dispute3, we can provide it for a fixed fee.

    • Simple cases (up to 20 pages of documents): £100.00
    • Middle cases (21 to 50 pages of documents): £200.00
    • Large cases (more than 50 pages of documents): we shall provide you with a quotation
    • Video conference: £100.00 every 30 minutes (plus the fixed fee according to the complexity of the case)
    • Advisory opinion ‘at home’: if you wish, one of our experienced lawyers can reach you at your domicile to select relevant documents and give their opinion charging £800.00 for each day4 or fraction of a day (option recommended for complex cases only)

    Please note that the above quotations are net of any applicable VAT

    Please email [email protected] to discover more about this service.

    3 Disclaimer: We can provide a generic and preliminary assessment based on the documents provided by the sender. This cannot be considered legal advice. We suggest the sender seek formal and complete legal advice before starting any kind of proceeding or deciding to drop the claim. Mezzle will keep confidential the assessment as well as the documents received.

    4 We can consider “a day” working from 9 am to 5 pm (one-hour lunch break included). The cost of travel from the lawyer’s domicile to the client’s site will be charged as well as accommodation and meal costs.

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