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The Line…The Latest in Urban Living

Saudi Arabia is fast becoming the next Silicon Valley of the world, from incredible tech events to new unbelievable construction developments.

One of those developments is The Line, a new and huge project that is fast becoming a reality. Thought up by his Royal Highness Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince, and Chairman of the NEOM Board of Directors.

Imagine a world where cars are unnecessary, roads do not exist, and people can live without pollution. The designer of The Line has created this utopia for us and future generations by designing an environmentally friendly transportation system that does not involve any use or need for gasoline-powered vehicles!

This revolutionary design will be powered with 100% renewable energy so it's never too far off from reality with the fast-changing to sustainable and new environmentally friendly energy sources, being perfectly located to harness wind energy, as well as solar power

But that isn’t the only incredible thing about this new development, below are a few of the key highlights of this new venture:

  • 200 Meters wide
  • 170 Kilometres long
  • 9 Million residents across 34 square kilometres (never done before)

One of the other particular key points about The Line, is the modular 3-dimensional layout. You will be within a 5-minute walk for all your daily needs. Lastly it will have a mirrored façade on all 3 sides, allowing this huge structure to seamlessly blend in with the rest of nature.

The project is monumental whichever way you look at it. There are currently over 11,000 workers from 44 different contractors on site, and figures show that over 34 million hours have been completed on site so far. This truly is a unique and sure to be a challenging concept, but with ideas like this, and more from NEOM, look to be ground breaking for a more futuristic urban style way of living.

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