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Monty Jivraj

Monty Jivraj


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Client Testimonial

"Having Monty on our side throughout our case has benefited us immensely. His expertise from a wealth of experience has given us reassurance and confidence we are receiving unparalleled services. His actions are thorough, persistent and in a timely professional manner that has raised our position to a place we wouldn't have reached without him."


Monty is one of the leading tax practitioners in the field of tax disputes and investigations, with over 25 years’ experience of assisting high net-worth individuals, owner-managed businesses, and large corporates on tax disputes and investigations with HMRC, from enquiry stage to appeals before the tax tribunals and national courts. He is experienced in handling cases covering a wide range of UK and EU tax legislation, including arising out of HMRC tax policies and public notices, VAT investigations and disputes, as well as handling white collar crime cases and commercial dispute resolution.

As an ex-international cricketer, he brings the tenacity, energy, and dedication of a professional sportsman to his work as a tax disputes and investigations specialist. His long association with HMRC means that he can translate and guide his clients on complicated government policies, white collar crime and tax investigations and disputes with HMRC, National Crime Agency and the Serious Fraud Office, enabling clients to understand the impact of tax laws which can result in significant savings, including for example where Monty recently secured a multi-million-pound VAT refund for a major corporate client, thereby enabling the client to avoid insolvency.

Monty has expertise in the following areas:

  • HMRC tax disputes and investigations
  • Brexit VAT issues and EU VAT recovery
  • Customs & Excise
  • UK VAT refunds and assessments
  • Criminal investigations into tax evasion and account-freezing orders
  • HMRC ‘dawn raids’
  • Judicial reviews
  • White Collar Crime & Investigations
  • Covid furlough and Eat out to help out investigations

Experience Highlights

  • A limited company (current) v HMRC– Acting for a large car dealer to defend HMRC’s decision to deny millions of pounds of input tax on zero-rating sales of vehicles.
  • Duesmann & Hensel Recycling– Successfully opposing HMRC’s decision to refuse UK VAT refund applications from the precious metal trade which ran to millions of pounds.
  • Atlantic Electronics v HMRC– Achieving savings of millions of pounds by challenging tax decisions which fell substantially within the client’s right to opt out from legal costs.
  • An individual’ v HMRC– Challenging the lawfulness of a search warrant issued by HMRC in the High Court
  • Demazda International UK Ltd– Challenging a Notice of Direction issued by HMRC to ‘keep specified’ business records.
  • A UK Business v HMRC – Challenging HMRC’s VAT assessment in millions of pounds, for output tax zero-rated exports of high value cars
  • A UK business v HMRC - Breach of confidence, breach of statutory duty and defamation claims, securing damages for loss of business arising as a result of HMRC’s actions for breach of taxpayer confidentiality.
  • A UK Business v HMRC - Value Added Tax – Repayment of input tax – applying to debar HMRC from bringing proceedings in relation to their denial of input tax.

Career History

  • Spencer West, Senior Tax Consultant : Sept 2021 - Dec 2022
  • Fletcher Day, Head of Tax : Mar 2021 - Sept 2021
  • Gannons, Head of Tax Investigations : Oct 2020 - Dec 2020
  • Branch Austin LLP, Head of Business Tax : Aug 2017 - Sept 2020
  • Jeffrey Green Russell, Senior Tax Consultant : Sept 2008 - Mar 2015


  • Diploma in Computer Programming Systems Analysis and Design – Seneca College Canada.
  • Diploma in computer packages – Graffins College – Kenya.
  • A level in Shaaban Robert School – Tanzania

"Monty as a mother, again I wanted to take this time to say how incredibly grateful I am for your time and kindness. Not only this but to detail to others in similar situations that there is assistance out there. If you are dealing with HMRC for any reason and all doors appear closed Monty at Mezzle can relieve the stress and hopelessness. Monty has knowledge that is unparalleled and will act immediately with your interest at the heart of all communications.

He has experience dealing with HMRC and has finally given hope and a voice to the individuals as well as companies. Below, I share a text that was heartfelt and personal but I believe this will lead you to understand the gentleman you will deal with whilst working with Mezzle Law. Monty As a man in your position you didn't have to work till 9pm last night helping my daughter, which has over the last years seemed not only an impossible task but an extremely stressful and medically draining situation for the whole family .

You deal with multi-million pound businesses and did not have to bother with regular people simply trying to do the right thing and having so many doors slammed in our faces. Being treated like we are simply replaceable small fry people. My daughter has battled this case for years and was at the end mentally, emotionally and physically, she was broken and I was so frightened she was going to do something awful. Whatever happens I just really wanted you to know that even though you are a celebrity, and incredibly intelligent man.

You still show so much empathy, understanding, and kindness . Without you being here now I genuinely don't think my daughter would be. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. If this sounds pathetic I don't care we are talking about a life and you deserve the praise especially as I know you're struggling with your own health at this moment.

I hope you soon get back to your cricket! I’m sure we are not the only souls in what seems like an impossible situation and you have brought hope where there seemed to be none I urge anyone dealing with HMRC to realise there is hope out there and that is with you Monty Jivraj at Mezzle Law."